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It's that time again yall!

[Located in Ashaway RI]

Multiple groups/ages available.

Group #1 -> 4 day olds

(1) Showgirl -> Black & Dark Blue in color
(3) Silkies -> Black & Hint of Dark Blue in color

Group #2 -> 2 weeks

(1) Showgirl -> Dark Blue in color (poss. Frizzle)
(1) Silkie -> White & Cream in color (HUGE poof poss. Frizzle)

💲1️⃣5️⃣ ea -> (2) Chick Minimum
Chicks are straight run. Silkie Chick's can't be accurately sexed until 3-5 months. Some you can't tell until they crow or lay an egg. Unless you DNA sex them paying per bird.

--> FINE PRINT <--
As always chicks are a "first come" basis. Unfortunately the general public has showed us far too much that making an appointment doesn't mean they're actually going to show. I will however hold specific birds for someone if they are enroute to come get the birds. Payment is due at the time of pick up. I do offer cash or Venmo(only in person in front of me). We do ask that you bring something to transport the babies home in.

--> HISTORY <--
Our chick's are hatched here on our farm, from our flock(s). We have raised silkies for 26+ years. With our first pair coming here in 1998, from my grandmother's farm in South Carolina! I immediately fell in love with everything about the Silkie chicken and would continue for the next 26Years to have a few at all times. Unfortunately I do not still have genetics from those very first birds although I wish I did! They were the perfect picture of the silkie breed! Our current flock/genetics have been here for nearly 6 years. Containing colors including (but not limited to) Dark Blue, Blue(grey), black, buff, white, paint, splash, partridge (in various colors), lavender, and so much more! We have both show girls and traditional silkies. With all of the feather types traditional, satin, frizzle, and satin frizzle. We do not breed frizzle to frizzle, nor do we support doing so, the birds produced from that breeding generally struggle their entire life, and that's not right. We have two current silkie flocks, our main flock is two showgirls, and a bunch of traditional silkie girls(feather type as well) with a traditional rooster. This pen has produced some neat coloring which is what we are trying to focus more so on. We are slowly building our second flock, at the moment it is a stain frizzle roo with a satin hen. I am currently raising some more girls to be joining them but they will be traditional feathered.

We offer lifelong support within our means to our customers. Everyone that has taken their babies home have been more than happy with them. At times sending friends and family to take their own home. We love word of mouth referrals! Always open to answer any questions that you may have!

1-3 are Group #1
The rest are all remaining chicks

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