2023 KIOTI RX7320 Powershuttle Cab Tractor - $52,000 (Putnam, Ct)

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condition: like new
2023 KIOTI RX7320 Powershuttle Cab Tractor

Pretty much brand-new condition in every regard. Still has all the plastic protection wrap. Even smells new… really.

Beautiful tractor in every regard. Love it. Perfect size as we don’t have to worry about outgrowing the horsepower for whatever the future holds for implements. Plus this has a fantastic hydraulic pump capacity which opens the specter of front mounted hydro rotary cutters (one of the specs that finalized my decision on this tractor vs John Deere or Massey for example). The specs at price point are simply way better. As they say… one is paying for the green paint.

Only reason selling it… right after I took delivery, as fate / luck would have it, we entered into a multi-year arrangement for someone to hay our fields. And that was the whole purpose of our purchase. And we have plenty of other tractors around here. So short of it… in love with this tractor... but… for the foreseeable future it would just be a cool toy around here as we have other tractors to fill all our other needs.

See Kioti website for detailed specs. Search YouTube for reviews etc. But the basics are;
• 73 HP Diesel. No DEF required.
• 63 HP PTO
• 12-speed power shuttle option
• Cab option (heat, AC, etc)
• Loaded tires (not cheap given the size of these tires)
• 3rd function hydraulic up-front option (grapple, etc, controlled from loader joystick… not some cheap aftermarket solution)
• 56 hours on the clock (note; could change in a non-material way. I do take it out on occasion)
• Always stored indoors. My order came in. I took delivery. It went right into the barn. It has not been sitting out in the rain for 4 months on a dealer’s lot.
• Note: The grapple does not come with the tractor. The bucket does. I use the grapple on our other tractors as well.

Ok… closing words here;
• If you are looking at a tractor of this caliber, you too are likely at least somewhat successful and busy in life. Let’s not waste each other’s time. Do all your research and tire kicking first. You are coming to look at basically a brand-new, still under full warrantee tractor. On that point I will not waste your time on, and don’t waste my time.
• The out-the-door cost, all in, will be about $62k, by the time the reality of options (even the nickel and dime ones like having to pay extra for wipers on a cab tractor), loaded tires, 3rd function, sales taxes, etc are factored in.
• The only difference between this and the dealer will be the $10k that’s still in your pocket.

Price is $52k. That is the price. So don’t bother with ‘will you take x’. I will not answer your messages. Again, I will presume you have done your research.

Thanks for looking. If ad is up, it is avail, so no need to ask that question. I’m pretty busy, so could be some minor delay getting back to you. Just a little patience.

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