Vocalist Looking for Heavy/Alt Genre Connections (New London)

Mid 20s male vocalist/songwriter looking to either start a new group or join an existing one, either covers or originals. Mainly interested in something in the realm of metalcore, but really open to anything. ~5 years of vocal experience and ~7 on guitar, mainly in clean vocals/acoustic solo folk/indie type stuff unfortunately, simply due to circumstance more than anything else. Also was a frontman in a indie/grunge band about a year. At the moment I can only do fry scream, but working hard to figure out false chord asap as well. Fairly new to screaming though, I've been practicing for 1 year but only got my fry to a solid-er place in the last few months. Strong in clean vocals though, as previously mentioned.

I mainly am looking to start/find a Metalcore band writing originals and the whole deal, or people interested in that genre or associated subgenres, but am really open to anything and any genre.

If you want to reach me, I'd prefer text but am okay w/ phone calls/email as well.
As a heads up it is a google voice number, just to obviously not put my personal information out on the internet, so it may take a minute for me to get back to you.

Also I work weekdays typically from around 6-4 with some flexibility.

Bands I fw in no particular order:
Wage War, ERRA, thrown, Fit for a King, Norma Jean, Oh Sleeper, Phinehas, Alpha Wolf, Knocked Loose, Texas in July, Emmure, Boundaries, Make them Suffer, Atreyu, Crystal Lake, Spite, Paleface, etc. etc.

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